The 2022 tax season is in full swing for filing 2021 tax year returns, but millions of tax returns from last year are still unprocessed. Facing criticism from lawmakers and tax professionals about this, the IRS recently announced it has temporarily stopped sending out automated letters to taxpayers, which was causing a lot of confusion.

While this is a start, The Tax Professionals United for Taxpayer Relief Coalition, along with AICPA and H&R Block, believe that’s not enough. They have called on the IRS to suspend automated compliance actions and offer aid from under- and overdue-payment penalties. 

Below is a list of automated letters that will not go out this tax season.

Individual Taxpayer Notices:
Unfiled Tax Return
Unfiled Tax Return – 1st Notice
Unfiled Tax Return – 2nd Notice
Final Notice – Return Delinquency
Balance Due – 1st Notice
Balance Due – 2nd Notice
Final Balance Due Notice – 3rd Notice, Intent to Levy
Withholding Compliance letter

Business Notices:
Return Delinquency
Final Notice – Return Delinquency

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